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About Us

4 Sisters Horsemanship was formed because of four girls' love for horses. 4 Sisters Horsemanship is dedicated to training horses for other people and sell the horses for them if they would like their horses sold as well. 4 Sisters Horsemanship also buys their own horses as young prospects or even older horses and totally start them over and sell them the following spring as safe, sane, and sound horses for any level of rider. Not every horse we sell is for any level of rider, some we sell as performance horses ready to go to their performance career. All the horses are started in the roundpen regardless of whether they are broke or not. Colts that have never been broken to ride, are started in the round pen for the first couple of days and then go through a week of ground work which totally prepares them for the rider. Once the colts have 15 days of riding on them, they are started on the Fundamentals of Riding. All horses on our place are sacked out with tarps and plastic bags and have them drag things behind them. They are taught to neckrein, sidepass, and a good start of a turn around. These horses go where they are pointed and they will travel through anything asked of them. Any horse that fits our program and any that get sold are horses that have no buck, bite, kick, or any other bad habit. They are sound, safe, sane, gentle, respectful,and do not mind whatever you do to them. We strive for our customers to be happy with our horses. All horses that we sell for other people are on our place for a minimum of 60 days so that way the potential buyers know what kind of horses they are and what they have gone through in our program. All horse that we sell of our own have been in training for a minimum of four months. As you the buyers are guaranteed to get safe, sane, sound, and gentle horses. However; just because the horses may be safe, sound, sane, and gentle with us does not guarantee they will be the same with you.  But we hope that the horses you buy will stay just as broke with you. We only sell in the spring so that most of the horses that we sell have had more than a couple of months of our training. 

We train horses all winter, later part of fall, and early part of spring. In the summer we ride our own horses in Barrel Racing jackpots and ranch rodeos. 

Christy, Emily & Cornelia Jestice